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URPP Equality of Opportunity

Module Economic Change

The research module “Economic Change” studies how technological changes, globalization and other macroeconomics forces affect the economic outcomes and welfare of diverse groups in society. Thus, this module centers around issues of measurement and quantification of the inequality between “winners and losers” in times of economics change. It combines specific empirical work on Switzerland and other Western economies with broader theoretical and conceptual investigations.


Module director:

David Dorn

Prof. David Dorn
Director of the URPP and Project Leader
Department of Economics


Project leaders:

Prof. Francis Cheneval, Department of Philosophy

Prof. Francis Cheneval
Project Leader
Department of Philosophy

Prof. David Hemous, Department of Economics

Prof. David Hémous
Project Leader
Department of Economics


Prof. Thomas Kurer
Project Leader
Department of Political Science

Prof. Mathieu Leimgruber, Department of History

Prof. Matthieu Leimgruber
Project Leader
Department of History

Prof. Dina Pomeranz, Department of Economics

Prof. Dina Pomeranz
Project Leader
Department of Economics