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URPP Equality of Opportunity


Is Parental Leave Costly for Firms and Coworkers

Anne Ardila Brenøe, Serena Canaan, Nikolaj A. Harmon, Heather N. Royer

Journal of Labor Economics, forthcoming

Backlash or Progressive Mobilization? Voter Reactions to Perceived Trajectories of Women's Representation

Magdalena Breyer

Comparative Political Studies , forthcoming

Ghosting the Tax Authority: Fake Firms and Tax Fraud

Paul Carrillo, Dave Donaldson, Dina Pomeranz, Monica Singhal

American Economic Review: Insights, forthcoming

Decentralised governance: crafting effective democracies around the world

Daniel Chacu, Michael Danquah, Rachel M. Gisselquist

LSE Press

Subnational governance in Ghana: A comparative assessment of data and performance

Daniel Chacu, Michael Danquah, Rachel M. Gisselquist

Faguet, J.P., & Pal, S.,  2023

Trade and Inequality in Europe and the United States

David Dorn and Peter Levell

Oxford Open Economics, forthcoming

The Human Rights Responsibilities of Corporations in Global Supply Chains

Elif Askin

Zeitschrift für Europarechtliche Studien, Volume 25, Issue 2, pages 320-334

Commentary to Sustainable Development Goal No. 2 (Right to Food), in: Ilias Banketas et. al. (Hrsg.), Commentary on the Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030

Elif Askin

Oxford University Press, forthcoming

"Business and Human Rights" - Verantwortung für Menschenrechte bei grenzüberschreiten-den Wirtschaftsaktivitäten

Elif Askin

Juristische Schulung (JuS), Volume 1

The Importance of Contingently Public Goods

Friedemann Bieber

Journal of Social Philosophy, March 2023

Teaching Self -Regulation

Ernst Fehr

Nature Human Behaviour, Volume 6, Issue 2, pages 1680-1690

Equality and Non-Discrimination

Daniel Möckli

International Human Rights Law, University Press, book chaper, Volume 4, pages 151-16

Racial and Ethnic Profiling

Daniel Möckli

Elgar Encyclopedia of Human Rights, Edward Elgar, Volume 1, pages 116-121